Retreat 5-6-7 Novembre 2021 |Healing meditation Center -Major Lake – Dormitory

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Retreat 5-6-7 Novembre 2021 |Healing meditation Center -Major Lake – Dormitory



Save the Date 🖋 5,6,7  November 2021

Vitaly, Physical Strenght, Stress Management

A retreat located in the Healing Meditation Center in Albagnano, a precious and magical place lived by lama and monks from the Tibetan Buddism Lineage in the north of Italy, surrounded by flourishing nature and beautiful landscapes with the view of the Major lake. 📿

We designed a deep practice that align your body with nature to experience life force. This includes asanas practices coordinated with breath, breathwork, and workshops👈🏻

Asanas practices : Body exercices coordinated with a specific breath. As certified and experienced teachers, we will based our classes with traditional Ashtanga and Dharma Yoga methods, 

Breathwork : In the yogic tradition, breathwork is included in the yoga pranayama practice with bandhas and retention. It is meant to enhance the life force and to experience a vibrant body. 

Workshops : 3 differents workshops of 2 hours each, focusing on the body and the mind. 🧘🏻‍♀️




    Healing Meditation Center – Albagnano – Lake Maggiore

    Albagnano Healing Meditation Centre (AHMC) is located near Bee in the province of Verbania, Italy. Overlooking the suggestive panorama of Lake Maggiore, at an altitude of six hundred metres, Albagnano is immersed in pine and chestnut woods bordering on the edges of the Val Grande National Park and the Holy Trinity of Ghiffa National Reserve.

    Lama Gangchen Tulku Rimphoce

    Tibetan Buddhist temple

    The Temple of Heaven on Earth is a place of Buddhist study and practise as well as an exceptional cultural destination, displaying valuable sacred artefacts from different countries around the world. The Temple is an impressive circular structure, similar to a mandala, and is inspired by Borobudur, the stupa mandala built in the eight century on the island of Java in Indonesia.

    The Temple of Heaven on Earth is a sacred space of 500 square metres decorated according to the traditional Tibetan Buddhist style. In the centre of the Temple is a column filled with more than 100,000 Brazilian rock crystals, representing the central channel. The walls are completely frescoed with the ‘Tattoo Wall’ technique. The original paintings, found in the most important Indian and Tibetan monasteries of our tradition, are stunningly reproduced and cover every inch of the wall.

    Ocean of Mandalas

    Looking up at the ceiling it is possible to admire the breath-taking Ocean of Mandalas: 108 circular mandalas with a central square mandala of the Five Supreme Healers; the Five Dhyani Buddhas. The Temple is home to a number of large statues – such as the Five Supreme Healers and the Five Great Element Mothers – carved in lava stone by a Javanese artist in the Indonesian style of the Borobudur stupa mandala. Inside the Temple there are many other precious religious objects from the most important Asian Buddhist countries such as Tibet, China, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Korea. In addition to being unique for its beauty, spiritual and artistic wealth, the Temple is also brimming with archetypal symbols that can be used to help us protect and transform our mind. All those entering the Temple are immersed in a special energy of peace.

    Program Life Force Retreat

    Early Bird  310,00 Euro, Dormitory

    Full Price 340,00



    DAY 1 , Friday 5 of November 2020

    03.00 pm Welcome 

    03.30  pm Masterclass

    05.00 pm Workshop Split

    07.30 pm Dinner

    09.00 pm Meditation with Lavinia

    DAY 2, Sunday 6 of November 2020

    07.00 am pranayama and meditation Amina

    09.00  am breakfast

    10.30 am Masterclass

    01.00 pm Lunch

    03.00 pm Masterclass

    04.00 pm Workshop Handstand

    07.30 pm dinner

    09.00 pm Meditation with Amina

    DAY 3, Sunday 7 of Novermber 2020

    07.00 am pranayama and meditation Lavinia

    09.00  am breakfast

    10.30 am Masterclass

    01.00 pm lunch

    03.00 pm Workshop Backbending

    05.00  pm Closing and Puja 


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